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Cheese Slicers

The Cheese Slicer pictured on the left (or if you’re  on a phone it’s above) is the second in a short run of forty... Each one different even if comprised of the same woods.. that's my thing no two alike. The woods in this run are Bubinga, Canary,  Zebra, Padauk & Cherry.  

They are laminated with food-safe glue. Then each one goes over to my drill press and the appliance i built that puts all the holes in the same spot. On to my table saw and the sled i made to put the slot for the cheese cutting wire in the same spot on each board. A Quick trip to the router table where i round all the edges.. Tired yet? 

Then each board is sanded with 3 grades of sandpaper 80, 180 finishing with 220. Then i go over each one to look for things that might need my attention, ruff spots, burns from the router 'n such. when i'm sure it's good we move on to feet and my fire brand 

"Handcrafted by Morgan" . Then each one is rubbed with mineral oil.  

A simple soap and cold water wash is all that is needed for cleaning and an occasional mineral oil rub. It’s  ready to give many years of happy cheese slicing.

Human dishwashers only Please..


The Process

On the right 

(or if your on a phone)

above is a shot of that appliance that puts all the holes in the same spot.. it bolts to my drill press.


If anything fails, i'll fix it

This is a shot of the bottom of one of my cheese slicers showing my brand and the feet that i use. I'm offering chrome or black handles and as always if anything fails get it back to me and i'll make it right. I want for you to be happy with the things that i make.

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What can i build for you?

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