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My 1990 Delta Table Saw

This is a shot of my 1990 Delta table saw that i've upgraded the devil out of..

 My 1990 Delta table saw is sporting a Very Super Cool Tools Fence & JessEmm TS Stock Guides tricked out by Allan Little of  with a Grizzly overhead dust collection system  hooked to a Jet Vortex Cone Particle System with a remote..

What can this Woodworker build for you?


From this end of my table saw you can see the tube i installed for the fence to ride on.. you can also see the dust collection from the cabinet and overhead.

Dust collection


This is my Jet Vortex Cone Particle System, it works really well as i'm only running one machine at a time. 

Miter Saw Station

Twelve foot deck

I loosely followed plans i bought from to build my miter saw station mine is done in 3/4 inch maple with walnut pulls. It's also got soft close pulls ( of corse it does all my friends are saying) The two big drawers at the far end are rated at 

400 lbs - 4 100lbs slides on each drawer. It's plenty of room for all the tools i have so far. The three cabinets have four levelers each so it was a bit of a pain to get it straight & level but i have done it! In the for ground you can see the stop block that rides the fence.. accurate  repeatable  cuts are cool and not that hard to arrive at if you take the time setting it up